Rules for skin care

Regole per la cura della pelle, prodotti Elisirium cosmetici

Peeling, concentrates, emulsions, sprays, serum … It is not easy to choose what your skin needs, and it is difficult to understand how to combine all this with maximum efficiency.
What to put in the foreground ? What goes under the make-up? And what’s on top? Let’s find out together. Most dermatologists believe that no more than three products should be applied with different formulas at a time. Otherwise, the active ingredients will accumulate on each other instead of penetrating into the skin, causing irritation, clogged pores and inflammation.

 In the theme of skin care it is always better to stick to the principle of minimalism and instead of many different means choose one, but multifunctional, aimed at solving multiple problems simultaneously.
For example, face cream with antioxidants, peptides, regenerating and moisturizing ingredients with snail slime, which fights wrinkles simultaneously and reduces acne, we recommend our product:

“Regenerating face cream –  Snail Slime” . The elixir of youth against wrinkles and for the regeneration of skin cells on the basis of the snail’s mucus. Precious to slow down the aging process.

The unique substance of pure snail slime is enriched with a concentrate of organic nutrients of vitamin E and F, extraordinary shea butter and lipoic acid. Also included is argan oil, evening primrose, rose mosqueta, a-bisabolol and zeolite, which is used to regenerate skin cells. Provides elasticity to the tissues and stimulates the production of collagen, slowing down the appearance of skin roughness and minimizing the imperfect stains that appear on mature skin.

This is an extraordinary anti-aging formula, suitable for skin damaged by photographs, radiation, scars, burns, etc. Before using the cream, it is necessary to clean and tone the skin. The cream is applied twice a day, massaging gently, restoring the brightness and vigor of the skin.



See the options

In general, when you doubt in what order to apply cosmetics, always focus on the weight and density of the product. If your treatment includes, for example, a pigment spot corrector and a lifting cream – first of all, always apply the lightest on the texture media. If all the plots are similar, look at the concentration of active ingredients and the effect: first of all, apply the remedy to solve your main problem with the face, whether it be acne, loss of elasticity or wrinkles. For example, if your main goal is to fight inflammation, first apply a gel or a therapeutic cream and then more delicate preparations to soothe the skin.

Also, never forget sunscreen: choose a moisturizer that already contains the SPF factor (and, as a bonus, antioxidants that protect against the harmful effects of UV rays). Pay attention to the concentrate of light or moisturizing primer, which takes care of the face at the same time, protects from the sun and evens the skin tone.

Watch out

Any peeling product deeply affects the upper layer of the skin and leaves it unprotected in front of the sun, so in most cases it is advisable to use a moisturizing oil or a face cream, an emulsion or a soothing balm to prevent possible irritation and dryness. In our composition, we offer you:

“Nourishing face oil”



Highly effective multi-function elixir offers a sensory experience with high benefits of protecting the skin from oxidative damage. It nourishes, regenerates, rebalances it and brings it back to a state of well-being never seen before. This oil was obtained after years and years of research. It is composed of 100% active ingredients and without preservatives. Moreover, it is an organic blend composed of extraordinary essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, juniper, the precious argan oil, rose mosqueta, coconut, bisabolol, pumpkin, the fabulous enothera oil, rosemary, geranium, tea tree, a high percentage of vitamin E, F and alpha lipoic acid. It is important to apply the product constantly, even several times a day, if necessary, to achieve truly amazing results!





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