Skin care in autumn and winter.

Cura della pelle del viso in autunno e in inverno Elisirium cosmetici

When the temperature goes down, the skin is seriously tested: under the effect of cold, in fact, the skin is dehydrated, which makes it more dry and cracked causing a slight annoyance. The impact of other external factors, such as pollution, central heating and dry air in the room, further aggravates the situation. As a result, the skin becomes excessively sensitive, which speeds up the aging process. In order to effectively solve and prevent these problems and to restore the skin’s health and youthful appearance, proper care is needed, aimed at deep nourishment, hydration and revitalization of the skin.

In the cold season, the skin becomes drier and dehydrated. So if your skin is generally mixed, in winter consider it dry and take care of it as a result: nourishing, more moisturizing cream.

Remember that the moisturizing substances are divided into two types: the first slows the evaporation of moisture, the second attracts and keeps it within the skin. You need those who have components of both types. Vegetable oils (oleo-complexes) form a protective barrier (prevents dehydration) and protect from low temperatures (this does not allow the cold to damage the capillary network).

In the autumn-winter period, it is important to increase the moisture content and keep it at this level. It will certainly help – proper nutrition, regular consumption of water (daily advice at least 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight), produced with a complex of collagen and elastin – attract water.


From Elisirium is a Nourishing and moisturizing cream – for the face and neck, which is also suitable for very young but dehydrated skin. Elisirium has created a new formula of moisturizing cream, designed to give the skin softness, vital brightness, elasticity, velvety, protection during the day and prevent the roughness of the face, neck and décolleté.


Present nourishing action is assured by vitamin E and F, enothera oil, rose of mosqueta, numerous quantity of argan, alpha lipoic acid, zeolite, bisabolol, vitamin C and mainly palmitoyl pentapeptide. In addition, it is rich in shea butter and carrot oil to which is added coenzyme q10 which has a powerful antioxidant skin action.

The major introducer of the creation of collagen is hyaluronic acid that gives the skin of the face the properties of resistance and maintenance of the form.

As for the general rules of care that are suitable for everyone, we suggest you switch to a softer cleaning, use moisturizing and nourishing masks, humidify the internal air, drink more water and use vitamins that help the absorption of the fat-soluble components involved in the creation of a lipid mantle on the surface of the skin.




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